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Energy Efficiency

What is Energy Efficiency?

Energy efficiency is simply getting the most productivity from every unit of energy. Energy efficiency can be improved first through many low-tech solutions such as repairing steam leaks, insulating heated pipes, and correcting inappropriate use of compressed air. Beyond that step, advanced technologies can provide higher quality services that use less energy, create less pollution, eliminate energy loss, and lower total cost.

How Can ISTC Help You?

ISTC can help identify and implement energy efficiency opportunities in industrial, commercial, institutional, and government sectors. Clients can have their entire facility evaluated or just certain systems. A systems evaluation would consist of an assessment of a compressed air system, lighting systems, pumping systems, HVAC, or process heating. Lighting system upgrades in particular are among the most affordable energy efficiency practices and can have a high-impact.

ISTC can also provide assistance with incorporating energy efficient design into buildings that are still on the drawing board. The design stage is especially critical because relatively small increases in building costs to improve energy efficiency result in tremendous savings in operational expenses over the life of the building.

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