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About the Illinois Campus Sustainability
Compact Awards Program

The Illinois Campus Sustainability Compact is a program separate from the Illinois Governor's Sustainability Award that is specifically for colleges and universities. A college or university may apply for recognition in both awards, within the guidelines of each program. Detailed information about the Compact, enrollment application, and recognition application may be found at

The goal of the Compact is to encourage universities and colleges within the state to incorporate sustainability into their campus operations, academic and research programs, student activities and community outreach. An institution may pledge at any level provided it has implemented a sustainability program that meets the preceding requirements. The institution may remain at a participation level as long as it continues to make progress toward its commitments. If the institution achieves each of the goals for a given level, it may apply for higher recognition level at any time.

The Compact outlines environmental goals including objectives such as purchasing renewable energy, implementing green building practices, developing sustainable transportation options, improving water conservation, and incorporating sustainable dining practices. As a university or college makes progress on its sustainability goals, the campus can apply for recognition when they have achieved bronze, silver, and/or gold levels.

Bronze level institutions have committed to creating a sustainability program and engaging the campus community. To qualify for this designation, the institution pledges to achieve three of the following goals by 2015:

Silver level institutions are ready to make targeted commitments to greening their operations and monitoring performance. Once Bronze level is attained, greater recognition can be achieved by pledging to achieve the following goals by 2015:

Gold institutions are those universities and colleges that are integrating sustainability throughout their campus and working towards measured improvement. Once Silver level is attained, the highest level of recognition can be achieved by pledging to achieve two of the following goals by 2015:

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