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The Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC) pulled out all the stops for this year’s 6th Naturally Illinois Expo which was held April 17 and 18. Because 2015 is ISTC’s 30th anniversary, we had an Open House as part of the Expo with approximately 20 exhibits here in our building showing many of our current research projects as well as one highlighting the history of ISTC.  There were roughly 500 attendees at ISTC over the two days.

kids learn about biochar and PPCPs from Wei ZhengIn general, the Expo is a great place for the general public, educators, families, and students to view the natural world in Illinois through the work of archaeologists, biologists, geologists, chemists, engineers and other scientists from the five divisions of the Prairie Research Institute. ISTC's exhibits were designed to allow attendees to see the many areas of sustainability in which ISTC is working and provide a window into career options available to those interested in science and environmental fields.

Patrons were able to interact with our scientists who are working on innovative research solutions to water, energy, ecosystem, climate, technology, and resource issues. Exhibits included ones on bio-oils, biochar, coal dewatering, desalination, light energy, zero waste, sustainable electronics, renewable energy, indoor environmental health, green jobs, and much more. A full list of ISTC's exhibits is given below along with any additional resources provided by the exhibit coordinator.

This year's Expo was a zero waste event and those efforts were led by ISTC technical assistance engineer Bart Bartels who indicated that Expo patrons successfully diverted 74.4% of their waste from landfill. "It was a challenging event to manage waste because most attendees [on Friday, April 17] were students who brought their own lunches from home.  That led to many 'teachable moments'.  Students learned about the sorting process and how that can be difficult if all unwanted materials are stuffed into one bag." said Bartels.


Exhibits presented by ISTC at the 2015 Expo


Careers in Science

Chemistrykids and adults learn about waste to oil from BK Sharma and Bidhya Kunwar


Environmental Issues


Zero Waste and Recycling


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