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State & Regional Water Supply Planning in Illinois

Presented by Walt Kelly - Head of the Groundwater Science Section and Groundwater Geochemist at the Illinois State Water Survey, Prairie Research Institute and Adjunct Professor of Geography-Geology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

September 10, 2015

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In 2006, Executive Order 2006-01 called for the development of state and regional water supply planning under the direction of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Illinois has been divided into 10 regions for water supply planning. For each region, a regional water supply planning committee (RWSPC) is formed, comprised of members from major stakeholder groups (e.g., agriculture, industry, mining, environmental, municipal, etc.). The State Water and Geological Surveys are responsible for scientific studies of Illinois' water resources, working closely with the RWSPCs to optimize planning efforts. Plans have been developed for three regions (Northeast Illinois, East-Central Illinois, and the Kaskaskia River Basin). In 2014, funding was made available to start planning in two new regions (Middle Illinois River Basin and Northwest Illinois) and a sub-region (Kankakee River Basin). In this presentation, I will discuss past, current, and future water supply planning activities in Illinois, focusing on scientific work being done at the Water Survey.

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