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Life Cycle Assessment and the Building Envelope

Presented by James L. Hoff, DBA, TEGNOS Research, Inc.

September 15, 2011

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This seminar will provide an overview of the impact of LCA within a major building envelope market segment: nonresidential roofing. Responsible for the supply and installation of over 3 billion square feet of new roofs in the United States each year, the nonresidential roofing industry provides a unique platform for reducing environmental impact. In addition to the traditional role of keeping water out of buildings, modern roofing systems can increase building energy efficiency, serve as a platform for new sources of clean energy, reduce solid waste, renew our air and water, and extend the building life cycle. And because of this unique potential for environmental contribution, nonresidential roofing offers an unmatched opportunity to review the issues, challenges and opportunities of LCA. Key topics to be discussed in this seminar include: The Elephant in the LCA Room: Durability and Asset Management LCA Approaches: Product / System / Whole-Building Alternatives Applying LCA: Importance of the Use Phase Measuring LCA: Weighting & Rating Systems Mandating LCA: Emerging Building Codes and Standards

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